In the community...FOR THE COMMUNITY!

The members of the National Association of Black Law Enforcement Officers, Inc. provide various levels of support both to and for the communities we come from and represent.

We recognize that it is only with the active and willing support of those we serve, the recognition of who we are, from whence we came, and the reasons for our being, that we may be able to render service to the community.

Whether it is the mentoring of our youth, providing information on What To Do When Stopped by the Police, advocating against police misconduct and systemic injustice, or just being there to hear and answer your questions, our members are always available.

Our Successful Programs

Programs provided either through the national organization or our various chapter affiliates have proven highly successful in helping sustain our communities and enhancing their relationships with law enforcement. Our youth programs provide at-risk and disadvantaged youth with positive images of self, provide an opportunity to create positive relationships, enhanced self-motivation, and increased community worth and pride.

NABLEO sponsored programs have the added distinction of:

  • Insuring youth remain drug-free
  • Curbing youth violence
  • Assisting in the eradication of Police Abuse and Misconduct
  • Establishing better understanding and bonds between police and community
  • Increasing and enhancing cummunity awareness of civil rights
  • Increasing and enhancing law enforcement understanding and sensitivity to cultural differences

If you would like more information about these programs, please feel free to use our feedback form to send your inquiries.