The National Association of Black Law Enforcement Officers, Inc. is an organization dedicated to enhancing and empowering the minority community, providing community strength, ensuring community justice, and providing a strong presence in times of crisis. We believe the community to be deserving of a positive relationship with its stakeholders in uniform. And it is through these efforts, which provide for a much safer, enjoyable and responsible community, that the social environment which allows business to succeed is established.

Our ability to reach our objectives is strongly tied to the support we receive from our individual donors and corporate sponsors. We depend on these individuals for the financial resources that allow us to bring programs that are "In the Community - FOR THE COMMUNITY". The benefits to our sponsors are numerous; the best of which is to be an integral part in eliminating law enforcement abuse and misconduct, and promoting police professionalism in our communities.


Corporations and businesses today are faced with a distinct set of sustainability risks and opportunities, mainly focused on supply chain, customer relations, employee productivity and cost, environmental performance, and emerging markets issues. A company's ability to develop, and sustain, positive, lasting relationships with the communities in which they operate has now become a key factor of corporate success or failure.


Disparities in the criminal justice, health care, educational and welfare systems, where they concern members of the minority community, still have a dynamic and dramatic impact on how professional law enforcement services are provided. And, when considered from the perspectives of sustainability issues that have significant impacts on risk management, reputation, customer loyalty, recruitment of the best employees and regulatory matters, the level, and consequent success, of community policing programs also has a consequence on the success of Corporate America.


It is through the participation and partnership with NABLEO in such programs that corporations and businesses are able to improve and enhance their relationships with both the minority community and the law enforcement guardians of those communities. Sponsorship is an affiliation that tells your customers, your community and and our nearly 15,000 members, that you proudly support the efforts and continued development of dedicated law enforcement officers seeking to make a difference in promoting true justice for all, and the members of the communities they serve and derive from.


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