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Arlington Police Department
Police Officer

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Position Title: Police Officer
Concentration: Law Enforcement
Level of Entry: Entry Level

Hiring Agency

Agency: Arlington Police Department
Address: 620 W. Division St
City: Arlington
State: TX    Zipcode: 76011
Contact: Jeff Davis
Phone: 8174595733
Email Address:

Descriptive Tasks/Responsibilities for Position

A career with the Arlington Police Department offers security, prestige, respect, and personal satisfaction. Our officers are members of a progressive, professional, and nationally accredited department.

Recruits will complete a 32 week academy followed by 18 weeks of field training. Upon completion of training, the recruit officer will be assigned to one of our four patrol districts. All patrol officers work 4 - 10 hour days with 3 days off each week.

After an initial time on patrol, officers have the option of moving into specialized units, such as criminal investigations, traffic unit, community support, technical services.


Below are the minimum standards to apply;

1. Applicant must be a Citizen of the United States, by birth or naturalization.
2. Applicant must be 21 years of age.
3. Applicant must possess a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution of post-secondary education as certified through a commission on higher education of a regional educational agency for colleges and universities recognized by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, by your date of hire.
4. At the time of employment, applicant must possess 20/20 vision, either corrected or uncorrected in each eye. Uncorrected vision cannot exceed 20/100 in each eye, unless vision is corrected by the use of contact lenses, which must be worn on duty and/or during all enforcement related activities. Must be free from dichromatic color blindness, night blindness and any other visual deficiencies or limitations.
5. At the time of employment applicant must possess hearing with less than 30 decibel loss, either corrected or uncorrected in each ear. Uncorrected hearing cannot exceed 60-decibel loss in each ear.
6. Applicant may not have any Felony or Class A Misdemeanor convictions.
7. Applicant may not have any convictions above a Class C Misdemeanor within the last ten years. (Including DWI / DUID)
8. Applicant may not have any convictions for any family violence offense.
9. Applicant may not currently or in the last ten years have been on court ordered community supervision or probation for any criminal offense above the grade of Class C Misdemeanor.
10. Applicant must be of good character and have a stable school / work / and driving record.
11. Applicant may not have relatives working for the Arlington Police Department or on the Arlington City Council, or employed as a City of Arlington Department Head.
12. Applicant must have a valid Driver License. If not licensed by the State of Texas, applicant must be able to obtain a Texas Driver License before employment.
13. Applicant may not have any pending litigation (civil or criminal) at the time of application.
14. All Police Department Personnel must conceal all body art (tattoos, piercings, and skin branding) by the use of the authorized uniform or city authorized clothing.
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Application Period

Application Period Begins: 02/22/2019

Application Period Ends: 12/31/2019

Number Positions to be Filled: 20

Yearly Salary: $64,842.00
(Some agencies may post only their standard hourly rate)

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