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Cornell Univerity
Patrol Officer

Position Title: Patrol Officer
Concentration: Law Enforcement
Level of Entry: Select

Hiring Agency

Agency: Cornell Univerity
City: Ithaca
State: NY    Zipcode: 14850

Descriptive Tasks/Responsibilities for Position

The Cornell University Police department is an internationally accredited organization that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from its headquarters in Barton Hall. The department has 68 members, 43 of them sworn officers who patrol campus on foot, in vehicles, on bicycles, and with explosive detection K-9s. The mission of Cornell Police is to protect lives and property, maintain order, prevent crimes, receive and investigate reports of crimes, and provide other law-enforcement services. The department is responsive to the special needs of Cornell’s large and diverse community—a community of people who come from across the United States and the world to study and work at Cornell.

The Cornell University Police Department serves as the vital link between those in need and many resources both on and off campus. Our staff consists of highly trained, certified law enforcement officers supported by an outstanding group of civilian employees, making our department one of the finest internationally accredited law enforcement agencies in the country. We are a group of dedicated professionals who are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for our students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

As a Cornell University Police Officer, you will work for a University that takes pride in offering generous benefits to support and enhance your health, wealth and wellness. Cornell’s comprehensive healthcare plans provide quality care focused on healthy living and low cost.

Ours is a values–based organization where all employees are accountable for supporting the organization’s values of truth, respect, excellence, teamwork, and integrity.

What you will do:

We are looking for an individual that enjoys working in an environment of collaboration and trust, while being supported with the resources a patrol officer needs to provide our campus safety and security.

In a challenging, fast-paced environment that focuses on a team-oriented and customer-service approach, you will be responsible for protecting life and property, preserving the peace, and preventing crime. This involves serving as a law enforcement first-responder in emergency situations and providing rapid on-scene assessments and critical thinking in order to respond appropriately.

Provide initial investigation for all calls of criminal activity and accidents; collect and preserve evidence; protect and maintain crime scene; interview victims, witnesses, and suspects; and prepare reports.
Apprehend and arrest suspects; issue citations; prepare court documents and testify in court as a prosecuting officer or witness.
Provide emergency services and deliver general police and other law enforcement and security services unique to the Cornell campus, including receiving and responding to complaints, directing traffic when needed, and providing security for University events.
Be service oriented, promoting the concept of the community as our customers and the police employee as the provider. The unique needs of our community become the goals of the police employee in delivering professional, client-centered service that is effective, efficient, and accountable.
You will have the opportunity of being the primary link to connecting those in need with the plentiful resources of the University.
You will be provided with critical, intense training to minimize the potential of bodily harm which could occur in the course of your duties while investigating criminal activity or during other public safety functions.
Due to the nature of law enforcement work, overtime is offered and may be required.
What we need:

You will have a two-year degree or equivalent education and experience in a law enforcement or related field. Must be a United States citizen.
You must be able to successfully pass a comprehensive background check that includes, but is not limited to, the following disqualifying factors: view here
You’ll need to be able to obtain and maintain a valid New York State driver's license, lawfully possess a firearm, be able to obtain and maintain a New York State pistol permit (required to be 21 years old) and New York State Police Information Network (NYSPIN)/eJustice certification.
You’ll need to satisfactorily complete a probationary period and pre-employment physical/psychological exams and physical fitness standards.
You will successfully complete the New York State MPTC basic course for police.
You will possess strong interpersonal written/verbal/listening communication and comprehension skills, and computer skills. You must be service oriented.
You must have the ability to handle multiple tasks and priorities.
You will exercise appropriate confidentiality.
You will have a high level of concentration requiring acute hand/eye coordination.
You will have the ability to lift more than 50 lbs. in an emergency and carry 20 pounds regularly.
Shift work is required. Must be able to work weekends, evenings and holidays in sometimes adverse weather conditions.
You must be diplomatic, courteous, accountable, flexible and adaptable.
You must show initiative and be self-directed.
You will demonstrate respect for differences in backgrounds, lifestyles, viewpoints and always the needs of others.
Punctuality is required.
This position is a bargaining unit unionized position. Minimum hire rate is $27.40 per hour. Competitive salary and benefit package, including employer contribution to a 403b retirement plan.

Posting Modification:

This posting and hiring process has an anticipated hire date of mid-March 2021 with the process commencing in November 2020.

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Application Period

Application Period Begins: 08/19/2020

Application Period Ends: 11/30/2020

Number Positions to be Filled: 3

Yearly Salary: $0.00
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