Our Successful Programs

Programs provided either through the national organization or our various chapter affiliates which have proven highly successful in helping sustain our communities and enhancing their relationships with law enforcement include:

  • What To Do When Stopped by the Police

    • Presented during each of our conference settings as a formal performance presentation, this spirited, audience participation program teaches basic information about police interaction, allowing community members to avoid instances of police misconduct and abuse
  • Pitfalls To The Top

    • Developed as a means of informing youth about the many issues of their current actions and their impact on their future, this program is presented at all conference settings.
  • Officer Friendly Drug-Free Basketball Camps - Bridgeport, CT

    • Spanning more than a decade, this program provides summer enjoyment, team building, personal strength development, and mentoring to hundreds of inner city and at-risk youth each year
  • New Jersey Youth Symposiums (Children of Courage Symposiums)

    • Serving nearly 500 youth each year, this program encompasses our premier programs of What to Do When Stopped by the Police and Pitfalls To The Top, as well as providing parents and youth with information on curtailing gang violence.
  • Digital Divide Computer Giveaway Programs

    • With nearly 1,000 re-conditioned computers now in the hands of families and youth programs across 5 states, this program seeks to make a serious dent in the Digital Divide, providing greater access to the technology that is both needed and required for future success in education and the workplace
If you would like more information about these programs, please feel free to visit our contact page for ways to communicate with us.