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As many of you know, this will be my last conference as your Chair. And so, as I prepare to leave office, I wish to thank both those who have supported me, and those who have not. To those who have supported my efforts, I can never repay you for your kindnesses, strong and sincere advice, and dedication to our organization. Working with each of you has been a distinct and enjoyable pleasure, which will not soon be forgotten.

To those of you who have not supported me, I thank you as well. Your critical reviews of my actions, the programs that I have presented, and the tasks I have undertaken on your behalf have allowed me to discover my faults and mistakes and made me better for them. And while we have surely disagreed on various issues, we still agree that there is a need for this great organization, both for its membership and the communities we serve.

Today, more than ever, we face increasing challenges that must be met with personal forthrightness, organizational excellence, professional fortitude, and a more personalized commitment to both our association and our community. There is a serious need for Black law enforcement to be more vocal regarding the presence of racial profiling and extremism within their respective agencies. We know it exists and must out it at every opportunity. We must be more firm and unwavering in speaking out against and reporting all those we work with who abuse their authority, as our silence will do nothing more than to create a clear, distinct and present danger not only to our communities, but to us as law enforcement officers as well. So STAND UP, STEP UP, AND SPEAK OUT.

We must continue our efforts to change the mindsets, attitudes and behaviors of our counterparts through their participation in joint trainings, to continue conversations with our community partners on best practices and methodologies for interacting with members of our profession, engaging in productive dialogue with all stakeholders to ensure equal justice under the law for all, to provide vibrant advocacy for those of our membership who have reached out and requested our assistance, and to enhance and improve our efforts to grow.

And we must never forget the efforts and achievements of those who came before us, because it was those strong black men and women who provided us the means and ability to be where we are now. We must always remember those who have gone on before us. We must prove our right to be their legacy.

To the leadership team that will take office at the end of this year, I wish you the very best and offer my support in any way that it may be given. Know that I leave you on solid footing. Yours will be a serious task, but with personal strength and the support of the membership, I firmly believe you will do well.

Always remember that there is nothing personal about what you will, and at times, must do for NABLEO. It is a business and you must always treat it as such. Do great things, as it will be desired of you. Do honest and noble things, as it will be expected of you. And do caring and thoughtful things, as it will be needed from you.

Again, it has been my pleasure to have served this great organization as its Chairman. The things we have accomplished together have given me strength and pride in this great association. And for this, I sincerely thank you, one and all.

Charles P. Wilson
National Chairman