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First and foremost, I wish to thank the members of our Board of Directors for their trust, faith and confidence in allowing me the privilege to again serve as chair of this great association.

In 2002, the representatives of more than twenty Black law enforcement associations came together, determined to make a change, and formed a new organization that was dedicated not only to its membership but to creating stronger bonds and relationships between the communities they served and all members of their profession. And while their focus was, and remains, on improving the status of men and women of color working as criminal justice practitioners, they changed the dynamics of their profession and its impact on their community.

As a founding member of NABLEO, I believe in, and am firmly committed to the principles and mission that were set forth at it’s inception. And I believe that your chairperson must be one who actively and continuously speaks out on behalf of this association, those of us in this profession, and the communities we have sworn to serve and protect.

As your chairman, I will seek to ensure that our meetings are properly scheduled and held on time, and will ensure that all will be made aware of their opportunities to join in those discussions. I will ensure that our constitution is upheld, seeking to amend only those articles that conflict with our organizational mission and goals.

I intend to assist our various chapter members with their efforts to rebuild the relationships and levels of trust within our communities that are so desperately needed to serve more properly. I will seek to expand the organizational reach of the association beyond its current boundaries, a process that I firmly believe to be necessary for our growth as a national body. We have in fact, recently seen the establishment of a new chapter organization, and are currently working with others to provide them with assistance in becoming members of this organization.

And have no doubts. I will continue to speak firmly, loudly, and boldly on those issues that are of specific concern to us as professionals and the communities that we serve. As well, I intend to ensure that those of us who have been made responsible for the functions and operations of this body are fully accountable to you. I will do this through providing a more visible and present appearance, assisting both the national body and its supportive chapters with their various programs, events, and formative positions; working closely with our sponsors to ensure their further and continued support; and attempting to generate new financial streams to support our activities and programs.

Again, I thank the Board and our membership for your support. You may rest assured that I will faithfully attend to the needs of this body, our professional standing, and the communities which we serve.

Charles Wilson
National Chairman