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To the Membership and Board of NABLEO;

While it was, admittedly, a short list to choose from, I wish to thank one and all for their confidence and trust in selecting me for a third term of office as your National Chairman. I promise to do everything possible to both show my gratitude and efforts to sustain your faith in me.

It is my intent to continue to build on the programs that have been initiated by my predecessor in the way of working to reduce the scourge of gun violence and racial profiling that continues to plague our communities. These are issues which, regardless of the paths that we may individually follow, are crucial to the well-being and life’s blood of our community and cannot be lightly viewed. Yet we must also recognize that these are not the only issues with which we are faced. We must constantly review and respond to issues of how we, as professionals, are viewed and treated within our agencies; the responses of those agencies to incidents and other important issues within the community; and how we, as an organization, will address those instances where the community calls for our assistance.

I also wish to put in place several additional methodologies to better position us financially. These will include developing and implementing new, directed training programs which will be of benefit not only to our membership, but also to those we work with and for, as well as reaching out to constituencies we have not previously addressed. An example of this is a proposed training program specifically directed at those working in campus law enforcement and safety. I am hoping to have this hosted by a major educational institution sometime in June of this year. This will assist in the building and renewing of various partnerships with our business, educational, and social welfare partners, as well as enhancing relationships with the various agencies in which we are employed.

This will also include a much more directed attempt to gain various sponsorships, and increase our donor base. We will need to rely strongly on the support of our chapters to assist in this endeavor. Consequently, I am asking that each chapter dedicate themselves to obtaining sponsorships or donations to the national body in the amount of not less than $500.00 by the end of July. I believe this sum is both reasonable and easily attainable.

With this also comes a need to make our fiscal affairs more transparent. As a non-profit organization, this is only proper and correctly due to our membership. Consequently, I will shortly implement both an administrative procedure for the handling of our financial affairs, as well as seek a constitutional amendment which will solidify those processes being put in place. It is my personal belief that this will provide for greater transparency in the way we operate, as well as a more enhanced system of accountability.

I as well plan to work very closely with each member of our newly elected executive committee. While many of them are new to the concepts of executive leadership in NABLEO, from my initial conversations with them they are each dedicated to improving the way we operate as an organization, improving our relationships with our various chapters, and enhancing NABLEO’s role as a leader in formulating national and regional policies that affect the lives of African American and Latino law enforcement professionals and the vibrant communities they serve.

I also plan to visit with the leadership of each of our various chapters over the next few months. It is important that I know and understand the issues they face within their organizations and how best the national body can assist them in addressing those issues. It is well recognized and accepted that each chapter will have membership participation issues, fiscal problems, and other matters that are of deep concern. However, I look forward to these hoped for meetings and feel positive that they will be productive for all involved.

The selection process has also begun towards insuring that our various committees are staffed by equally dedicated persons. Sally Thomason has agreed to continue her service as conference chairperson, and is already hard at work in the planning process for a full two-day conference planned to be held in either September or October of this year in Westchester County, NY. I have asked David Daniels to serve as our Parliamentarian and I am seeking someone to serve as the chairperson of a newly formed committee designed to deal specifically with issues related to our many retired members. I have also asked Greg Smith to continue as chair of our Legislative Affairs committee. He will initially be tasked with conducting a review of proposed legislation to change the racial profiling laws in the State of Rhode Island, as there have been significant efforts during the past several years to make those laws more responsive to community needs.

Lastly, we must make a concerted effort to enhance and increase our membership, both chapters and individuals, finding more ways to increase the value of those memberships and invigorate their participation on both the local and national level. It is through those memberships that we gain our true strength as an organization, without which we fail as an organization and voice. We each must reach out to those African American and Latino officers who, while perhaps not members of a formally organized chapter, still recognize the value of a united voice for their concerns and issues, and encourage them to become a part of our family. I fully intend to seek board approval shortly of a constitutional amendment which will provide greater flexibility, accountability and responsibility to our individual members, and which will allow them to have a better voice and more actively participate in the workings of our organization.

While these tasks may, initially, seem insurmountable, they are all most certainly within our reach. I ask and urge each of you to work with me to fulfill our destiny, thus making NABLEO stronger and better.

I remain ready to assist each chapter and member and can be reached at any time by email at or by phone at 401-465-9152.


Charles P. Wilson
National Chairman