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Our Executive Committee

Our Executive Committee is elected, by our membership, from those persons selected by their local organizations to represent them as delegates and members of our National Board of Directors.

These persons have been duly elected by the Membership of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BLACK LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS, to serve as their Executive Committee for the next two years. Committee Chairpersons are appointed by the National Chairperson, with the advise of the Executive Committee. 


Chairperson: Charles P. Wilson
Vice Chairperson: Crystal Williams-Coleman
Recording Secretary: Kim Nelson-Edwards
Treasurer: Marquet Parsons
Information Officer: Shawn Kennedy
Sergeant-At-Arms: Stuart Barksdale


Linda Pace
Leonard Randolph
Vincent Tilson
Wilena Julien
Cynthia Hadley-Bailey


Conferences - Sally Thomason
Membership - Wilena Julien
Constitution - Larry Brown
Parliamentarian - David Daniels III