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Speedway Police Department
Merit Police Officer

Persons interested in this position may download more information by CLICKING THIS LINK for an Adobe PDF version.

Position Title: Merit Police Officer
Concentration: Law Enforcement
Level of Entry: Entry Level

Hiring Agency

Agency: Speedway Police Department
Address: 5300 Crawfordsville Road
City: Speedway
State: IN    Zipcode: 46224
Contact: Jason Dierdorff
Phone: 3172464300
Fax: 3172466190
Email Address:

Descriptive Tasks/Responsibilities for Position

Patrol Officer (Operations Division)

I. Community Service/Public Relations
A. Participates in community policing efforts
B. Establishes positive community relations.

II. Patrol/Departmental Communication/Traffic/Emergency Services
A. Patrols assigned area
B. Provides emergency scene security for police, fire, and medical
C. Accompanies subjects who request police services for security
D. Applies emergency first aid as needed
E. Performs duties related to traffic enforcement
F. Uses police radio and computer to communicate and manage
G. Communicates with other members of the department and
between divisions
H. Reports to emergency scenes, and responds to all requests for
I. Operates vehicle under emergency conditions

III. Law Enforcement/Arrests
A. Makes arrests
B. Understands and applies laws and statutes
C. Handles hostile contacts
D. Pursues fleeing suspects on foot
E. Serves court documents
F. Completes all reports and paperwork associated with job duties in
a clear and concise manner

IV. Investigations/Court
A. Participates in investigations
B. Conducts analysis of criminal activity
C. Collects/searches for evidence at crime scene
D. Interviews witnesses and suspects
E. Attends court

V. Training/Operation and Maintenance of Equipment
A. Maintains and qualifies necessary equipment
B. Attends training sessions, both mandatory and offered
C. Meets all ILEA training requirements annually; maintains all of
the certifications applicable to the duties of a police officer
D. Keeps all departmentally issued equipment in a safe, clean,
functional manner

VI. Rules and Regulations
A. Complies with all local, state, and federal laws in accordance with
the Oath of Office
B. Performs all other duties as assigned

Necessary Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
1. Shows initiative/motivation/leadership: must have the ability to be a self-starter, to take appropriate independent action and persistently display an active motivated effort

2. Adaptability; application of learned principles: must have the ability to adjust to new or changing environments or situations; must have the ability to learn new information or skills and apply these principles to changing situations; problem-solving skills

3. Work cooperatively with others: must have the ability to display positive, cooperative, and productive attitude towards others

4. Make effective decisions/work in an organized fashion: must have the ability to sort through available information and identify relevant details; must be able to prioritize information by importance; able to make reasonable decisions from available information and to act accordingly

5. Be dependable: able to consistently and reliably carry out responsibilities and commitments

6. Comply with rules and follow safety protocols: able to understand and enforce issued rules, regulations, standard operating procedures, and other written directives; follows accepted safety protocols; recognizes the possibility of a dangerous situation and exercises due regard to avoid injury to self or others

7. Tolerate stress: able to remain calm and composed in stress-provoking situations

8. Communicate orally and in writing: able to speak clearly, to make oneself understood, as well as to comprehend verbal instructions; able to communicate effectively in writing, use correct grammar, and write legibly

9. Observe events accurately: able to perceive situations accurately; can pay attention to detail; relays information accurately to others

10. Be fair and impartial: able to treat others in an impartial nondiscriminatory manner, enforces laws and rules consistently

11. Maintain proper appearance: uniform appearance is maintained in accordance with departmental policy, rules, and regulations


Minimum requirements for Speedway Police Officer Candidates:
- Shall be a high school graduate or possess a GED certificate
and have at least one of the following prerequisites for
• Shall possess at least 60 credit hours or equivalent from
an accredited postsecondary college or university.
• 4 years of full-time U.S. military experience.
• 2 years of full-time employment as a police officer with an
active Indiana Law Enforcement Academy certification.
- Shall possess a valid Indiana driver’s license (or obtain one
within 60 days of becoming an Indiana resident) and have no
more than 8 active points.
- Shall be a U.S. citizen.
- Shall be at least 21 years of age and not reached 40 years of age
by date of appointment.
- Shall be drug free and have no convictions for operating a
motor vehicle under the influence of drugs within five years of
- Shall not have a conviction for operating a vehicle while
intoxicated or operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol content
of .08% or above within five years of applying.
- Shall have no felony convictions.
- Shall not have been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of
domestic violence.
- Shall not have been dishonorably discharged from the military.
- Shall not have used an illegal drug in the last 3 years.
- Shall be able to pass the physical fitness entry standards
adopted by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy.

Application Period

Application Period Begins: 06/22/2022

Application Period Ends: 07/15/2022

Number Positions to be Filled: 2

Yearly Salary: $54,276.00 to $70,381.00
(Some agencies may post only their standard hourly rate)

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