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Our Mission

The National Association of Black Law Enforcement Officers, Inc. is an organization representing the needs and concerns of law enforcement personnel. We are watchful of issues which have a direct impact both adverse and positive on the employment, promotion and retention of minority law enforcement officers in every facet of the Criminal Justice system. We provide guidance, support and assistance in their efforts for equality of employment in their chosen field.

We are dedicated to enhancing and empowering the minority community. With over 20 chapters, we provide community strength, ensure community justice, and provide a strong presence in the time of crisis. Our mission is to provide community-based solutions to policing issues which have a direct impact on communities of color and the pivotal roles that African American, Latino, and other criminal justice practitioners of color play. We do this through various programs designed to empower youth, enhance the professional, career and personal training of our membership and others in our profession, improve the quality of life in poor and low-income communities, and strengthen the bonds between community members and their law enforcement guardians. Our tools for success include: opportunities to expose youth to the criminal justice field, training conferences for law enforcement and community members, member advocacy sessions, and various other endeavors.

We are dedicated to eradicating police misconduct and abuse wherever it exists. This type of activity is an embarrassment to our profession and a scourge to our neighborhoods.

We pride ourselves in the empowerment of our community politically, economically, and educationally. We recognize that a strong community is a wise one when it strives to agree. Furthermore, we believe our community to be deserving of a positive relationship with its stakeholders in blue. We recognize that it is only with the active and willing support of those we serve, the recognition of who we are, from whence we came, and the reasons for our being, that we may be able to render service to the community.