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Newsletter Image Submissions

WE ARE ALWAYS on the lookout for photos of exceptional quality that depict officers of color both in the workplace and community settings. Visual art has become an increasingly important part of the Guardian's Voice Newsletter and contributes meaningfully to our sense of what constitutes story. In looking for photos to publish, we consider technique, image quality, variety, theme, and artistry. We welcome any and all submissions of images that will speak to our readers and that offer aesthetic pleasure.

Submissison Policy

Photographs in a submission must be sent in .jpg file format only. Images should be submitted in low resolution; however, upon acceptance, images must be provided with a resolution of at least 300 dpi, or greater. PLEASE NOTE: NO MORE THAN TEN (10) IMAGES MAY BE SENT.. You must include your name, organizational affiliation, and brief description of your images with all submissions.

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