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National Statement on Police Abuse and Misconduct

RELEASED May 09, 2008

WHEREAS, the National Association of Black Law Enforcement Officers, Inc. (NABLEO), a 501©3 non-profit, is a premier national organization for men and women of color serving in the ranks of criminal justice system professionals, and has been in the forefront of bridging the gap between the community and the police; and

WHEREAS, our mission is to provide community-based solutions to policing issues which have a direct impact on communities of color and the pivotal roles that African American, Latino, and other criminal justice practitioners of color play; improve the quality of life in poor and low income communities; and strengthen the bonds between community members and their law enforcement guardians; and

WHEREAS, we believe that the institution of policing is inherently biased against people of color, the poor and low-income, even while professional law enforcement practices have greatly improved during the last two decades; and

WHEREAS, the practice of intentional racially-biased police interactions in communities of color is completely contrary to all ethical and professional methods of law enforcement and community-based policing; and

WHEREAS, multiple studies of collected data pertaining to police traffic stops conclusively show that people of color are searched more often during these interactions, yet with less positive consequences of those searches; and

WHEREAS, the abuse of police power and authority is illegal and impractical for the purposes of strengthening bonds and relationships with all communities, and brings shame to all those who are employed as criminal justice practitioners;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Directors and Membership of the National Association of Black Law Enforcement Officers, Inc openly and formally condemns the practice of racial profiling and police brutality in all of its forms, and demands that professional police administrators avidly investigate all complaints of these actions brought to their attention; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the National Association of Black Law Enforcement Officers, Inc recommends the termination of all persons found to be so involved, as their continued presence in the community is detrimental to both our professional and personal well-being as members of the law enforcement profession, and brings shame upon both our profession and our community.

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